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Making Sustainability happen:

Page last reviewed June 2023

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Grant Anderson – Director of Estates

Grant, the Director of Estates, is a Chartered Environmentalist, has a passion for environmental sustainability and a considerable experience of higher education Estate Management with a focus on innovation, campus experience and sustainability best practise. Staff Profile

Libby John – Dean of Sustainability

Libby John, chairs the Environmental Sustainability Committee and heads the Net Zero working group, ensuring an on-going commitment from the University of Lincolns SLT with regards to managing the environmental impact the University has. In addition Libby is leading on Education for Sustainable Development at the University. Staff Profile

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Rebecca Mills – Head of Sustainability

As Head of Sustainability, Rebecca is responsible for the impact the university’s operations have upon the environment and ways in which we can make a positive contrition to sustainability. Staff Profile

Claire Lea – Sustainability Manager

Claire manages the delivery of the Sustainability Strategy alongside the management of the ISO14001 standard. Staff Profile

Elaine Ruff – Energy & Carbon Manager

Elaine is focused on managing and monitoring the university’s consumption of energy and water, reducing energy use and carbon emissions, ensuring legislative compliance and reducing expenditure on utilities. The Energy and Carbon Manager is responsible for managing the Carbon Management Plan. Staff Profile

Tracey Turton – Sustainability Projects Officer

Tracey has a focus on developing and delivering sustainable projects, which include waste management, sustainable travel, energy reduction and stakeholder engagement. Staff Profile

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Alex Foxley-Johnson – Riseholme Coordinator & Estates Communications

Alex works with internal and external stakeholders to communicate the universities environmental strategies and policies. With a passion for biodiversity, Alex has enabled the university to achieve Hedgehog Friendly Gold and has supported the development of the Biodiversity Policy.  Staff Profile

Matt Bagley – Farm and Estate Manager 

Matt is heavily involved in managing the Farming Estate at the University. He is focused on implementing sustainable best practice when it comes to arable and livestock farming. The University has signed up to the Nature Positive Universities campaign as well as the Farming for Carbon and Nature pilot programme, of which Matt will play an integral role in successfully delivering and achieving these campaigns. Staff Profile

Lizzy Wells – Assistant Farm Manager

Lizzy supports the Farm Estate Manager in delivering sustainable best practice when it comes to arable and livestock farming. The University has signed up to the Nature Positive Universities campaign as well as the Farming for Carbon and Nature pilot programme, of which Matt will play an integral role in successfully delivering and achieving these campaigns. Staff Profile

Helen Evans – Facilities Manager – Waste & Recycling Management

Helen is responsible for managing non-hazardous waste on campus. Ensuring the university adheres to correct legislation and developing new strategies to effectively reduce and process waste and recycling. Staff Profile

Jason Devlin – Sustainability Engineer

Jason works closely with the Energy & Carbon Manager and Maintenance team to deliver carbon and energy reduction projects across the campus. Staff Profile


Liz Priestley – Sustainability Support Administrator

Liz is an integral part Sustainability Team providing administration and event engagement support. Staff Profile


Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Environmental Sustainability Committee meets once a quarter to discuss environmental and energy issues within the university and, how they can be addressed and overcome. This is a sub committee the University of Lincoln Senior Leadership Committee. All other working groups, networks and committees listed below report to this committee.

Committee members currently include:

Chairperson – Prof Libby John, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Head of College of Science and Engineering
Secretary – Matthew Pitts, Governance Officer
Simon Parkes, Chief Operating Officer
Grant Anderson, Director of Estates
Rebecca Forster, Head of Sustainability
Mark Slocombe, Deputy Director of ICT, Head of Technical Services
Claire Lea, Sustainability Manager
Elaine Ruff, Energy Manager
Dr Claire May, Senior Lecturer
Jena Arnold, Procurement Category Manager/Deputy Head of Procurement and Insurance
Tracey Turton, Sustainability Projects Officer
Rosie Damarell, People Engagement and Wellbeing Manager
Student Union Staff Representative
Communications & Development Representative
Technicians Representative
Riseholme Representative
Holbeach Representative

Student body representative:

Nat Kirchin, Students’ Union VP Environment and Campaigns
ECO Society President
Environmental Officer

Staff Sustainability Advocates

The Staff Sustainability Advocates forum will have a structured meeting, once per quarter. Agenda items will be circulated ahead of these meetings, but have the basic following structure:

  • Update from the Sustainability Team
  • Sustainable Campus
  • Sustainable Culture
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Round the table – positives and ideas for improvement

These meetings will be minute’d, and notes and suggestions from the SSA forum will be reported to the Environment and Sustainability Committee on a quarterly basis.

In addition to the quarterly meetings, the Sustainability Team will facilitate some more informal and social events for the SSAs. These could include volunteering opportunities.

Education for Sustainable Development

The University is developing a new programme for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), this is included within the Environmental Sustainability Strategy(opens in a new tab).

The University is actively encouraging our Academic Staff to include sustainability elements into their courses and the Sustainability Team is available to support these initiatives. Academic staff are invited to contact Rebecca Mills, Sustainability Manager, if they are interested in having one of the team deliver a lecture, seminar or workshop for students.

Staff and Students can undertake a number of different courses delivered through the University, including:

  • Carbon Literacy Training
  • Introduction to Sustainability at the University
  • Waste Management, and
  • Workshops delivered during the Climate Action Festival Week

Click here for further details of these training opportunities. 

Read more about Education for Sustainable Development at the University

Net Zero Working Group

In October 2022, a Net Zero Working Group was established after being identified as a key strategic area for the University, in terms of both knowledge exchange and research.  It encompasses an interdisciplinary academic approach incorporating expertise from sciences, arts, social sciences and business alongside expertise delivered through Professional Services.  

Biodiversity Net Gain Working Group

The Biodiversity Net Gain Working Group was established in September 2022. This group comprises of the Head of Sustainability, members of Estates, College of Science academics, including ecologists and professional services staff who are running projects to improve biodiversity across the estate. The group is responsible for reviewing the Biodiversity Surveys commissioned in Spring 2023, and will feed into the Biodiversity Action Plans.