Authorised Driver

If you drive a vehicle on University business other than your own (for example a hire car or one of the university-owned vehicles) you must be listed as an Authorised Driver. This means that you are driving under the University’s insurance and this is applicable to all members of university staff and students from selected schools/colleges. To apply for Authorised Driver status, use the following link to submit your form: Submit Authorised Driver Form

  • The University insurance covers drivers within the limitations of their own driving licence.
  • Authorised Driver status is renewable on an annual basis (1st August to 31st July each year)
  • If you drive your own vehicle for university business you must have business use listed on your own insurance policy and be registered with Human Resources as a Personal Vehicle Registered Driver.

To drive a minibus, it is the individual’s responsibility to check your driving licence meets the DVLA’s conditions.  Please use the following link for further guidance: DVLA Website