University staff are encouraged to plan their journeys into work carefully to take account of recent road diversions and the possibility that at peak times University car parks may be at or near capacity. The student experience is a priority and staff with timetabled teaching sessions in particular should allow sufficient time for their commutes.

Staff should familiarise themselves with the location of car parks and road diversions. Information is available on the City Council website.

Links to the University Parking Policy, Parking Zone map  and EV charging point map can be found at the bottom of this page.

Car Parking Permit Collections

 The Estates Department are currently in the process of renewing all the car parking permits on campus. Staff will be able to collect their renewed permits at the following dates and locations: 

Building  Date  Times 
Minerva Building Atrium Wednesday 21.09.22  11:30-14:30 
Sarah Swift Building Atrium Friday 23.09.22  11:30-14:30 
Rural Science Centre, Riseholme (First Floor Staff Room) Wednesday 28.09.22  10:00-13:00
Isaac Newton Building Atrium Monday 03.10.22  11:30-14:30 
Thinktank Atrium Thursday 06.10.22  11:30-14:30 

 If colleagues based at Holbeach are unable to collect their permits at these collection dates, they will be able to collect them from the Centre of Excellence reception in Holbeach from 30th September. 

Permits are only valid if staff are paying for them. 

If staff are collecting permits for the first time, these can be collected from Security as long as staff have applied through the Support Desk. 

After 31st October 2022, only new permits will be valid in university car parks. This means that you may be liable for a ticket if you are using an old permit after this date. If you are unable to collect during one of the collection dates, please let the Estates Support Desk know by emailing to organise collection. 

Please follow the link below to:

  • Apply for a staff parking permit
  • Apply for a parking scratch card for temporary members of staff
  • Amend your Vehicle Registration and details
  • Opt out of your parking permit

» Parking Permit Request

Scratch cards are intended for use by temporary staff or occassional University car park users only. 

Any student wishing to park their vehicle on the Brayford campus must apply for a parking permit.  All permits must be applied online using the link at the bottom of this page. Student Parking Permits are valid for use from 16:30 to 03:00 Monday to Friday and 06:00 to 03:00 at weekends. Vehicles parking using a student permit outside these hours will be subject to a cash fine.

There is no overnight parking at any time. Each successful applicant is only entitled to one permit which is assigned to the registered vehicle. Permits will be valid for the duration of your course/studies, expiring on the supplied course end date (see application below). You are not permitted to copy your permit, only officially issued permits are valid.

Once an application is processed the permit will need to be collected from the Student Support Centre, your student ID will be required when collecting your permit. The current Parking Policy will continue to be in force.

» Student parking permit

In recognition of the rural nature of Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire, students can also apply for the Commuting Travel Grant through Student Services. The fund is intended as a contribution to the travel costs incurred by eligible undergraduate students who attend University from their permanent home address.

» Apply for the Commuting Travel Grant

All visitors must be pre booked through the Estates Services Department/security office. These visitors will be provided with a visitor parking permit and will continue to be able to park on campus at no additional charge. Please be aware that there is limited visitor parking on site and Estates may not be be able to accommodate large events.

Book a visitor parking space

There are four double charging posts at the Brayford Campus, meaning there are eight parking spaces with access to a 7kw Mennekes socket charger, compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands. A map of locations of the marked bays can be found at the end of this page. Spaces are reserved for electric vehicle charging until 10.30am Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends.

The new EV charging points are provided in conjunction with POD Point. Staff and students wishing to charge their vehicle will need to have the POD Point App on their mobile device, with an account set up using their University email address. PodPoint users will also need to provide their own charging cable. More information on how to use the points can be found on the POD Point website(opens in a new tab). Please remember that you will need to display a valid parking permit while using the spaces. Student permits are valid after 1630hrs on weekdays and at weekends, and pay and display tickets after 1630hrs on weekdays and at weekends.

Following the addition of these charging points, and the transfer of pay and display parking operations to City of Lincoln Council, the University has made some updates to the University Car Parking Policy. All staff who park on campus should make themselves aware of the updated policy.

Please be advised that University parking on Green Lane adjacent to the Joseph Banks Laboratories is only in the spaces marked white. If you are unsure of whether a parking space is allocated to the University or not, please do not park there as the area is controlled by UKCPS. Full information is as below:

  • JBL Car Park, (P13) and the parking bays along Green Lane are LSIP car parks and UKCPS enforce the LSIP parking policy in both.
  • Only the white parking bays along Green Lane may be used by University staff and tenants. Blue bays are not to be used.
  • Staff and tenants must display a valid parking permit within the front windscreen of their vehicle with all details clearly visible.
  • Vehicles must be parked within the confines of a single marked parking bay.
  • Vehicles parked in disabled parking bays must clearly display a Blue Badge and their parking permit in the front windscreen of the vehicle.
  • Marked visitor bays are reserved for visitors who must register their vehicle with JBL reception within 10 minutes of parking.
  • UKCPS staff now use an app, and no longer place notices on vehicles. Notices are sent to the address of registered keeper of the vehicle.
  • The notice issued by UKCPS will be a demand for £100 to be paid within 28 days and reduced to £60 if paid in 14 days.
  • LSIP are no longer prepared to consider rescinding notices where parking permits are not clearly displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle. The onus is on the permit holder to ensure the permit is clearly visible. UKCPS provide LSIP with photographs of the inside of the vehicle.
  • Students are not entitled to park in P13 or along Green Lane, (regardless of whether they display a student parking permit).

The general public can access University car parks between 16:30 and 03:00 Monday to Friday and 06:00 to 03:00 at weekends.

There is a charge for the general public parking on the Brayford campus and this is levied via pay and display parking meters in the Boulevard car park.

If you require an accessible parking permit for the campus, please refer to the documents below which provide you with more information on the application process, frequently asked questions and the application form.

» Temporary Accessible Parking FAQs
» Temporary Accessible Parking Application Process
» Temporary Application for Accessible Parking

Brayford Parking Map

For a map detailing carparking for permit holders and visitors please visit the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to display my new permit and what if I can't collect it?

New permits must be displayed in vehicles from 31st October 2022. If you have been unable to collect your new permit from our collection points due to illness/annual leave, please visit the Estates Support Desk in the Charlotte Scott Building.

Staff members who will be unable to collect their permits on these dates can also ask a colleague to collect it on their behalf. The following process must apply:

  1. Any staff members wanting a colleague to collect their permit must email in a new tab), cc’ing the intended collector, to provide written confirmation that they are happy to have their parking permit collected on their behalf.
  2. The email must include the following information: confirmation of registration, make, model and colour of their vehicle.
  3. Staff collecting colleagues permits must bring their own staff ID and a copy of the email to show to the Business Support Team members at the collection point.
Please be aware that the collector then takes on responsibility for your permit. Only one additional permit can be collected on behalf on another member of staff at any time.
Can my permit be posted out to me?

Unfortunately, we cannot post parking permits out to staff. Please organise visiting the Estates Support Desk to collect your parking permit by emailing

What if I forget my permit?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you display your permit. Unfortunately, security cannot take note of car registrations as enforcement is carried out externally. If you do not display your permit, there is a possibly that you will receive a parking ticket.

I’m a PHD student, can I apply for a car parking permit?

PHD students are unable to apply for a staff permit but can apply for a student permit. Please read the University Car Parking Policy.

Can I apply for more than one permit?

Staff can only apply for one car parking permit; however, they can register up to three car registrations on this permit. Only one registered vehicle can be parked on campus at any one time.  Staff must ensure to display their permit in whichever vehicle they use on campus.

I am a temporary member of staff, can I apply for a car parking permit?

In accordance with the University Parking Policy, temporary staff are not entitled to have a permanent parking permit but may instead purchase scratch cards, which are available from the University on-line store.

Can I leave my vehicle here overnight?

No vehicles will be permitted to park on campus between the hours of 0300 and 0600 hrs on any given day, without prior written approval obtained from the Estates Services Department.

Are the general public allowed to park in the university car parks?

The general public can only use the University car parks (P8 – Boulevard, P9 & P10 – Sports Centre) between 16:30 and 03:00 Monday to Friday and 06:00 to 03:00 at weekends. There is a charge for the general public parking in these areas and this is levied via pay and display parking meters in the Boulevard/Sports Centre car parks.

Are all car parks on the Brayford campus owned by the University?

There are several car parks on the Brayford Campus that are not owned by the University, subsequently, staff and students cannot park there. These areas are clearly signed and there may be some enforcement in place.

From Monday 17th February 2020, the Brayford Trust will have enforcement in place for their car parks on campus; at the Eastern Approach and between the last two court accommodation buildings by the Campus Way roundabout.

Parking is also prohibited alongside the canal behind the back of the courts, this area is required for access at all times.

Image of a campus map showing red areas behind the courts accommodation at the Brayford.