What are the compliance team responsible for?

The Compliance team ensure legal compliance of all our hard structures in the following areas:

· Water hygiene

· Local Exhaust Ventilation

· Pressure systems

· Excavations

· Lifts

· Electricity

· Contractor Control including permits

· Asbestos

· Statutory inspections

The Compliance team also supports Estates in:

·  Fire Building Strategies

· Custodians of the Estates Compliance procedures (ESPs, to be renamed ECAs in the near future)

· Estates Internal Auditing

· Compliance training

The team are also responsible for the H&S Management Profile (HASMAP), which is the Estates H&S Management system. This is now live and available at the bottom of this webpage.

Team Structure

The Compliance teams current manning structure is,

Senior Compliance Engineer – Mr Simon Crampton

Senior Compliance Officer – Mr Paul Compton

Compliance Engineer – Mr Trevor Tomlinson

Compliance Officer – Ms Danni Loughlin


Asbestos on campus is managed by a dedicated Asbestos control officer in Estates.

The asbestos control officer regularly inspects any asbestos around the campus and updates the asbestos register which is located on Planon. You can also view the latest Asbestos Register below.

» Asbestos Register – November 2021

Over time, we have removed the majority of asbestos from the campus including all asbestos classified as a medium risk or higher. Any asbestos left in buildings is classed as low or very low-risk materials. These items are regularly inspected.


Contractors must be inducted at the University of Lincoln and must also make themselves aware of our Environmental Policy.