Operational Procedures

All Operational Procedures will be reviewed annually by the Estates Compliance Team.  The last review date is shown in each Estates Service Procedure.


ECA Description
ECA 1 This ECA refers to Fire Compliance
ECA 4  This ECA refers to Construction Design and Management
ECA 5 This ECA replaces the previous ESP Permit to Work document
ECA 6 This ECA refers to Electricity Compliance
ECA 7 This ECA refers to Aesbestos
ECA 8 This ECA refers to Water Hygiene Compliance
ECA 9 This ECA refers to LEV Compliance
ECA 10  This ECA refers to Pressure Systems Compliance
ECA 13 This ECA refers to LOLER Compliance
ECA 14 This ECA refers to PUWER Compliance
ECA 15 This ECA refers to COSHH Compliance
ECA 16 This ECA refers to Winter Maintenance Compliance
ECA 17 This ECA refers to Hot Works Compliance
ECA 20 This ECA refers to Support Desk Services Compliance
ECA 22 This document explains how Estates currently inspect and maintain all of our known structures across our campus locations.
ECA 23 This ECA refers to Statutory Testing of Man Safe Systems

ESP Procedures

Procedure Description
ESP 01 General Access for Non-Hazardous Works and Authority to Draw Keys
ESP 02 Contractors Selection
ESP 03 Contractors Inductions Authorisation
ESP 04 Contractors KPI Data Collection
ESP 05 Site Induction Pack
ESP 06 Contractor Management/Handover of Site
ESP 08 Asbestos Management
ESP 10 Site Audit Procedure
ESP 10a Site Audit Blank Form
ESP 11 Internal Maintenance and Projects Audits
ESP 16 Confined Spaces
ESP 19 Permit to Dig
ESP 23 Identifying Authorising Persons for Permits to Work
ESP 26 Working at Height
ESP 32 Maintaining DDA Compliance
ESP 34 Storage Procedure
ESP 40 Space Change Procedure