Staff Involvement

An Introduction to Sustainability at Lincoln

During the “Lincoln Welcome” induction at the University we introduce staff to sustainability at Lincoln and how they can get involved.


How do you contribute to sustainability as a member of staff?

  • By saving energy. Turn off PCs and monitors when not in use, turn off lights etc.
  • Take part in our “Switch off” campaigns
  • Consider your student/staff incentives
  • Recycle. We have opportunity to increase our recycling rates. In 18/19, 25% of University waste was recycled
  • Use the KeepCups/reusable cups through FoodLinc.
  • Take part in sustainable travel; bike hire & “LiftShare”
  • Volunteer – Join our Staff Sustainability Advocacy Scheme

What is a staff sustainability advocate?

A staff sustainability advocate is a member of staff who champions environmental initiatives and sustainable ways of working in their department or college. This person disseminates relevant information, engages colleagues at a local level and leads by example in best practice. This might be leading their own sustainability campaigns or projects, sending out emails, promoting volunteer roles and raising awareness in team meetings. Members of our network will meet regularly with the Environment Team, who will offer support and the opportunity to submit ideas. Promote sustainability messages by following us on social media and sharing campaign messages when appropriate. 

Register your interest by emailing You can also visit our project page at the bottom of this page.

Environmental Films

We have a fantastic collection of films that can be made available to staff and students. Please email for further information of the films on offer.