Property Management

The Property Management team provides professional advice and support to the University in relation to the purchase, leasing and disposal of properties.

The team negotiates and agrees the terms of all property-related transactions and provides strategic property advice for the future growth of the University.

We work closely with the Space Management team. Any requirements for additional space should be addressed to Space Management in the first instance. If it isn’t possible to satisfy the requirement within the existing portfolio then, subject to an approved business case, Property Management will seek to source this from the open market.

Our other key areas of responsibility include:

  • Day to day management of external landlord and tenant relationships
  • Property valuations
  • Negotiation of dilapidations settlements
  • Contract negotiations, including liaison with external solicitors
  • Management of external property consultants
  • Administration of rent collection and service charge reconciliation
  • Maintenance of up-to-date property records
  • Secure storage of legal and title documents
Prospective tenants

If you are interested in becoming a tenant of the University, please contact the team (details opposite).

Growth of the estate

The University’s portfolio on the Brayford Pool Campus has been steadily growing over the last few years as shown below.

Campus Growth

The property budget for 2015/16 includes income from rent and service charges, along with expenditure which covers business rates, insurance, rent, and Lincoln Business Improvement Group costs.

Annual Property Budget 16-17
Portfolio breakdown

As shown below, the University leases approximately 28% of its required space from third party landlords. 55% of our portfolio is both owned and occupied by the University, and 17% is leased to third party tenants.

Estates Property Portfolio 2016.jpg