Campus Works

Please check this page regularly to see the latest information in regards to construction, refurbishment and maintenance activities. We make every effort to minimise any disruption, and to give advance notice of anything planned.

For information on current projects visit our page here.

Major Planned Works on Brayford Campus

Brayford Campus Status Planned Works
North Planned works From Monday 15th July, work will begin to replace the Arts Bridge lifts. Pedestrian access across the bridge will not be affected by the work on the lifts and the walkway will remain open except for the weekend of 20th and 21st July 2019, when works will be taking place to replace the lighting in the stairwells. Read more here.

Works will be completed by 15th August.

South Planned works As above

Boulevard gravel car park resurfacing works

On this coming weekend, 13th and 14th July, the gravel area in the boulevard car park will be undergoing improvement works. Works include upgrades to the layout and resurfacing.

The car park will be closed from 18:00 on Friday 12th July and will reopen at 07:00 on Monday 15th July.

Alternative car parks can be found using the car parking map.


Building & Maintenance Works

Building Status Planned Works
Alfred Tennyson Building No planned works
Bridge House  No planned works
Charlotte Scott Building No Planned works
David Chiddick Building  No planned works
Enterprise Building No planned works
Isaac Newton Building Planned Works Isaac Newton Building – Interim Medical School Facilities

From Tuesday 4th June, works will commence on the 1st floor of the Isaac Newton Building to reconfigure INB1302 and INB1303 into the new Anatomy Pro-section Suite for the Lincoln Medical School. As part of the works, minor alterations will be carried out within INB1101 and INB1304 for the School of Computer Science. Completion date: August 2019.

Janet Lane Claypon Planned works Building Management System Upgrade

From Monday 1st July, contractors will be upgrading the Building Management System (BMS) in the Janet Lane-Claypon building. To improve the energy efficiency of the building, all current sensors will be replaced with new ones that measure temperature and CO2 levels.

Works will take place for one month.  Over the next 2 weeks, contractors will be working in the laboratory spaces with prearranged access.  The work will involve removing ceiling tiles and working from ladders and will be carried out in the least disruptive way possible.  After this 2-week period, the work will mostly be in plant rooms and should be less disruptive.


Joseph Banks Laboratories No planned works
Junxion  No planned works
Lincoln Performing Arts Centre No planned works
Minerva Building Planned works Minerva Building – New Coffee Shop

From Tuesday 4th June, works will commence reconfiguring the University Shop area on the ground floor of the Minerva Building into a new coffee shop. The new space will be open to staff, students and the local community. The work will include creating an open plan seating space with soft seating and booths, a new servery unit, preparation area for the catering team and enhanced external signage and seating area. Completion date: August 2019.

Portable Appliance Testing

As part of the statutory planned maintenance programme, testing of Portable Appliances will be taking place in the Minerva Building between Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 2019. Testing will take place between 09:00 – 17:00 and may run into the following week. Scheduled works will not impact on the open days.

Minster House  No planned works
Nicola de la Haye Planned works External Redecoration

External painting works are scheduled to commence Monday 10th June with completion on or before Thursday 4th July.

NDH1002 Refurbishment – 14th June – 10th July 

Refurbishment of a computer lab and provision for additional computers within the space. 

One Campus Way No planned works
Peter de Wint No planned works
Sarah Swift Building No Planned works
Sports Centre & Human Performance Centre No planned works
Stephen Langton Building No planned works
Student’s Union No planned works
Student Wellbeing Centre No planned works
Think Tank No Planned works
The Swan  No planned works
University Library  No planned works
Village Hall Planned works New folding wall in VH0002/VH0003 – 8th July – 1st August 

Installation of new folding wall between the two rooms. 

Redecoration of Stairwells – Village Hall

From Monday 24th June until 5th July 2019, the stairwells and adjoining lobbies in the Village Hall are scheduled for redecoration work. The work will take place daily from 08:30 – 17:00.

During these works, stairwells will be closed off one at a time whilst they are decorated. Please use an alternative staircase during this period. Access to the closed stairwell will be facilitated for building occupants in an emergency.

Witham House

 No planned works

Witham Wharf  No planned works


Planned Works on Holbeach Campus

Building Status Planned Works
National Centre for Food Manufacturing No planned works

Planned Works on Riseholme Campus

Building Status Planned Works
Riseholme Hall  Planned works Ceiling repair to be carried out upon confirmation from local Conservation Officer.
Riseholme Library  No planned works  No planned works