Campus Works

Please check this page regularly to see the latest information in regards to construction, refurbishment and maintenance activities. We make every effort to minimise any disruption, and to give advance notice of anything planned.

Planned Works on the Estate

The Lincoln Medical School project is well underway on the Brayford Campus. Read project updates:  Lincoln Medical School

The following planned works will be taking place across the University estate:

Planned Works Buildings Date

We have received notification that the gas supply to the main Brayford south east incomer will need to be switched off to allow for essential maintenance. Each of the buildings listed will have the boilers switched off and the gas isolated before the main supply is switched off.

We anticipate that this should be minimally disruptive, as the service interruption should be no more than a couple of hours.

  • Engine Shed
  • LPAC
  • Nicola de la Haye
  • Peter de Wint
  • Isaac Newton
  • University Library. 
Tuesday 22nd December – 12:00

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Estates Support Desk on

December - January: Statutory maintenance works

Servicing of Fire Alarm Systems

As part of statutory maintenance, over the next few weeks, Siemens will be servicing the fire alarm systems across the estate.

These works are not expected to be disruptive as contractors will not be setting off the fire sounders.


Date Building(s)
Monday 14th December Courts 1-9
Tuesday 15th December Courts 10-17
Wednesday 16th December

Student Wellbeing Centre

Brayford Trust

Cygnet Wharf A, B & C

Thursday 17th December

Sports Centre

Valentine Court

Friday 18th December Valentine Court
Monday 21st December

Valentine Court

Isaac Newton Building

Tuesday 22nd December

The Swan

Isaac Newton Building

Wednesday 23rd December Isaac Newton Building
Tuesday 29th December Remedial work in Courts
Wednesday 30th December Remedial work in Courts
Monday 4th January

Joseph Banks Laboratories

Minster House

Tuesday 5th January


Village Hall

Bridge House

One Campus Way

Wednesday 6th January Holbeach Campus
Thursday 7th January Holbeach Campus