Car Sharing

Kinto-Join – Car Share with Colleagues

Make the journey suit you, your choice, your companion, your time, your route.

Benefits of Car Sharing:

  • Cost savings
  • Networking
  • Socialising
  • Safer – in the event of breakdown
  • Better parking spaces on campus
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Reducing traffic on the road
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Getting Started

Download the app
The Kinto Join app is available to download via the Apple and Play stores. Search for ‘Kinto-Join’

Enter your details

Upon joining you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Home address* IMPORTANT – do not enter your home postcode, for privacy purposes please enter the postcode of where you would like to be collected/dropped off.
  • Email – please use your university email address to ensure you have access to the University Communities

Joining a community

As a University of Lincoln staff member you will have the option to join one of three communities (or multiple, with one set as your default community):

  • Brayford Campus
  • Riseholme Campus
  • Holbeach Campus

Each community will have their respective campus as the drop-off location, which will enable you to see which fellow staff members live on your route.


The University is signposting staff to the Kinto car sharing platform as an external service that can support sustainable travel. The Kinto platform is independent from the University of Lincoln and partnerships are operated at individual’s own risk. Car sharing arrangements are agreed on an individual basis and managed locally, not by the PPC or Estates.



Are there reserved spaces for car sharers?

Currently there are no designated car share spaces at any of the campuses.

Do I still need a car park permit?

Every car parking on campus requires a permit, as a driver it is your responsibility to display your permit. However, as a passenger you do not need to provide one.

Do I have to drive to use Kinto?

No, you can use the Car Sharing app as either a driver or passenger.

Does it cost anything to join?

The service itself is free, it is down to individual users to determine if the passenger should contribute to the journey. This is down to individuals and the University will not be held accountable for any financial concerns.

What happens if the driver I’m ride sharing with has to leave early/doesn't turn up?

If your ride share driver is called away early or has to head back to a different location due to an emergency; the passenger should try to either:

  1. If appropriate, gain permission from your manager to leave early with the driver
  2. Find another driver to share with using the app
  3. Find an alternate way home through public transport or,
  4. Speak to colleagues to see if anyone is available to drop them close to home.

If the driver doesn’t turn up in the morning you must let your line manager know you may be let for work and then make your way to the office as you previously would have done.

The University does not currently have a policy to provide financial support to get staff members home.

What happens if the passenger I brought in has to leave early, do I have to take them home?

In this instance it would be the passenger cancelling the journey and the driver would not be responsible for taking the passenger home.

What insurance do I need?

We advise you to check your car insurance policy to make sure you have the correct cover to take colleagues to commute to work. As a passenger it is your due diligence to check this information before making the journey.

How can I check if the car is safe to drive?

You can check the status of a cars MOT using the government website, you will need to ask the driver for the licence plate registration number. 

How do I know if my car sharer is safe to travel with?

Only staff members at the University are eligible to join the Kinto-Join car share scheme and must use their University of Lincoln email address. Anyone not using this address will be refused access to the app.

Staff members can then find the potential car sharer via teams and arrange to meet up on campus prior to arranging a lift.

I'm not comfortable sharing where I live, do I need to share my home address?

We recommend that all of the app users put in an address local to them for the collection point instead of their home address.

Am I booking a single or return journey?

When booking a car share ride you’re booking a single journey only, if you need a return trip you must go back into the app to select any additional car share journeys you require.

You can also use the message feature within the app, or Teams chat to discuss arrangements for a return journey.