Policy Description
Biodiversity This policy covers the commitment to monitor and protect biodiversity on campus.
Cleaning This specification highlights the cleaning specification adhered to by our service providers.
Carbon Management This plan highlights the strategy to achieve the University’s carbon emissions targets.
CCTV Policy This policy deals with CCTV across the estate. You can view more information on this webpage: CCTV 
UoL Cycling and Storage Policy This policy deals with cycle storage and the removal of abandoned bicycles on the University estate.
Environment and Energy Policy The Environment and Energy Policy deals with the consumption of utilities across the University estate and the promotion environmental awareness across the University. Further information can also be found on our dedicated webpage: Environmental Policy
Estates Student Privacy Notice This notice deals with data and information collection and how it is used in Estates.
Health & Safety Policy This policy covers health and safety within the Estates department.
Parking This policy covers the parking regulations across the University.
Space Regulatory System Policy The Space Charging Policy supports the Space Management Policy.
Space Management This policy supports the efficiency, effective and equitable use of University space.
Sustainable Travel Policy This note is designed to encourage sustainable use of transport across the University.
Thermal Comfort Policy This policy deals with thermal comfort in non-residential buildings across the estate.