About Us

The Estates department is responsible for maintaining and developing the University’s physical environment.

We provide facilities and services which support every campus user, every day.

Our Vision

We aim to provide a University estate which is:

»  Inspiring and supportive
»  Welcoming and accessible
»  Sustainable and efficient
»  Healthy and safe

You can read more about our objectives in our Estates Strategy.

Our Team

The department is led by the Director of Estates, Mr Grant Anderson.

The Director reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Infrastructure and Finance.

The department employs over 60 staff in four service teams:

  • Business Support
    • Compliance
    • Planon
    • Support Desk
  • Maintenance
    • Building Fabric
    • Engineering
  • Projects
    • Cost Management
    • Project Management
  • Space Strategy, Planning and Sustainability
    • Communications
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Property Management
    • Space Management

In addition, the department works in partnership with a broad range of contractors and consultants to provide supporting services.

Grant Anderson
Director of Estates
01522 88 6234

Roger Ward
Deputy Director of Estates
01522 88 6421

Kevin Macdonald
Head of Projects
01522 88 6344

Mark Holmes
Interim Head of Maintenance, Facilities and Campus Services
01522 88 6961