New Estates H&S Management Profile (HASMAP) system

The Estates H&S Management Profile (HASMAP) system is now live and the link can be located on the Compliance page of the Estates website.

The HASMAP is a H&S Management System designed to house all the Estates Departments H&S Policies, Arrangements, and all other relevant H&S information.

This system will mature each year through its correct usage, management reviews and its continuous improvement.

A second HASMAP training session to each team within Estates will be delivered in September 2021 to demonstrate the HASMAP in its entirety and enhance the knowledge of the system.

This H&S Management systems access is currently only available to Estates personnel. It is requested that only the Compliance team upload any information until the training has been completed.

Please contact the Estates Compliance team with any HASMAP related enquiries.