How to be Sustainable at University

Wondering how you can take care of the environment at university? We’ve put together a selection of top tips on how you can be sustainable as a student.

Page last reviewed June 2023

You can download a PDF of our “How to be Sustainable at University” guide at the bottom of this page.

The Student Life team have also created a few videos that should give you some more ideas on how to save energy, do a sustainable food shop and much more. Make sure that you check out their website.

If you’re running an event around sustainability and require some design support, you can email our team at We’ll promote any related events on our social media.

We also have a variety of graphics available for you to use to promote sustainability at University.

  • Download an email signature encouraging others to think before they print here.
  • If you’d like to donate your coffee grounds to the Kitchen Garden, you can use this label on your collection pot.