The Urban Bee Garden

This roof garden is part of an initiative by the Environment team in creating more green spaces across campus to aid pollinators. Installed by Hill Holt Wood, an environmental charity, the planters and pots are sustainably sourced and recyclable. The trellises are made from Hazelwood, grown on site at Norton Disney. All of the plants are pollinator friendly, such as buddleia, lavender, heather, honeysuckle and jasmine.

This garden will be cared for by a volunteer group of staff and students, so if you’d like to get involved, please email us at

Project updates

The “Urban Bee Garden” was installed in July 2019. The Environment team are currently caring for the garden before we look for volunteers in the new academic year.


Image of a garden of planters with plants growing in them


Project questions

Who manages the Urban Bee Garden?

We are currently working with the College of Arts to recruit a team of staff and student volunteers who will look after the garden. This will be in place in the new academic year.

Are there any more gardens planned?

The Estates team is currently working with other departments on viable spaces for more pollinator friendly spaces. We hope that this first garden will be successful.

Is the garden open to the general public?

This space is intended to be cared for by staff and students on a volunteer basis. We may open it up on Open Days later this year but it will not be regularly open to the public.

Project Status:

In Progress

Established July 2019

Project team:

Volunteer team recruitment in progress