December Sustainability Round Up

In December, the Environment team promoted the Switch Off Campaign, to encourage our University staff and students to switch off all unnecessary appliances, PCs and monitors over the Christmas break. Staff and students had the ability to download checklists from either our website or from email signatures. As well as this, the campaign was circulated through the staff network and news.

Student Life contributed to the campaign with a vlog from one of our students. We also created a little video to help make it easy to remind students and posted it on our social media. You can watch the video below:

In 2017, the University used more energy on Christmas Day than nine average households use in a year. The Estates team will be looking to see how we can reduce our energy usage in the future and assessing how we did in 2018.

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This January our focus will be on “Keeping Warm for Less”,  whilst we continue to move through our sustainability campaign calendar for the academic year. You can read more about our current environmental initiatives here.