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The University of Lincoln Student Green Fund is the perfect opportunity for students to gain valuable, real world, skills; and do something of value for the environment and local community.

With up to £250 supporting funds available, we’re giving students the chance to design, develop, and implement an environment related project – or use one of the pre-thought out projects below – and implement it!

You can work on your own or in a group – but, it’s more fun with more people!

To apply – complete the application form below.

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Real world skills could include:

  • Writing a business case
  • Managing a budget
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Event management
  • Leadership
  • Team work
  • Sustainability in the work place
  • Design and creativity
  • Campaign building

All we ask is that you give us a brief outline of what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and any projected costs. The brief will then be assessed by our Student Green Fund committee – and further questions will be asked if needed.

To apply – complete the application form

If you have any questions, or need help with any of the sections of the application, please email or contact Tracey on 01522 886295

Stuck for ideas?

To get your started we’ve brainstormed a few ideas to help inspire you to come up with a project. The ideas below can be taken in

# Biodiversity

  • Edible campus
    • Encourage students to have a windowsill garden
  • Swan watch – have a look at the local effects that have stopped swans populating the Brayford Pool

# Take back the tap

  • Promote the use of water bottles over plastic bottles
  • Increase awareness of the water fountains around campus
  • Improve awareness of the benefits of tap water over bottled water

# Keep Minerva warm

  • Psychology – study to work out why people don’t use the revolving doors
  • Engineering – how can we restrict the usage of the disabled access doors, or conduct a study on the heat loss from the doorways
  • Marketing/Communications – campaign to encourage the use of the revolving doors

# It’s all a bit visual

  • Produce a documentary about environmental issues / energy savings
  • Produce a radio program about environmental issues / energy savings
  • Photography
  • Design logo’s / posters
  • Create a sculpture depicting environment issues that face the university

# Become the key to persuasion

Set up a marketing and communications campaign to promote an environmental sustainability project or initiative:

  • Sustainable transport – walking, cycling, car sharing
  • ‘Switch it off’
  • Reuse, reduce, recycle

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