Roadworks Affecting the Shuttlebus Routes – From 15 April 2024

From Monday 15 April a major roadwork project will be commencing in Lincoln closing sections of Carholme Road, Newland and Wigford Way which will affect the Shuttlebus route to and from Lawress Hall and the stop at the Train Station on the way from Lawress Hall to Brayford. The roadworks are expected to last until around November 2024. The CampusLinc shuttlebus will no longer stop at the Train Station, a replacement stop will be available outside of Debenhams – on St Marks Street – for the route between the Riseholme Park and Brayford Campuses.

Route from Brayford to Lawress Hall:

The bus will turn left out of the main campus and travel towards St Marks Street, stopping at the bus stop outside Debenhams instead of the usual Train Station stop. All other bus stops on this route will remain the same for this route.

Route from Lawress Hall to Brayford:

Instead of going past the Bus Station and stopping directly outside the Train Station on St Mary’s Street, the bus will continue over Pelham Bridge turning left and following the road round through to Tentercroft Street. The bus will stop on St Marks Street outside the old Debenhams building for the Train Station and then continue through to complete the route by stopping outside the LAC as usual.

Staff and students will be required to make the short walk up through the pedestrianised area of the High Street to the Train Station.

This route will be in place for the duration of the works by the Lincolnshire County Council on Newland.