Riseholme Park Farm Midden

The University of Lincoln is establishing a Midden building on the Riseholme campus and will contain animal wastage which will be used for farming practices. The storage of such waste material is carefully regulated, and the Midden building will ensure that the University of Lincoln complies with latest regulations to safeguard the environment.

Project Manager

Hannah Thompson

Email: hthompson@lincoln.ac.uk

Project Progress

In progress

Riseholme Park Farm is home to our Lincoln Reds, and sheep flock including our Lincoln Longwools, of which there are less than 700 breeding ewes left, at the University of Lincoln.

Our cattle herd consists of Lincoln Reds, one of the oldest of the UK’s Native Breeds of beef cattle, and British Blue x Lincoln Reds.

Our sheep flock includes:

  • Lincoln Longwools
  • Suffolk x mules
  • North Country x mules
  • Texel x
  • Swaledale x blue leicester

The infrastructure of the farm has seen significant capital investment over the last few years, including the installation of a new roundhouse and lambing shed.

Riseholme Park Farm is also used to support agricultural education at Riseholme College and the University of Lincoln. Visits are welcome but must be organised in advance by emailing RiseholmeParkFarm@lincoln.ac.uk