Lawress Hall FAQs

What is the reason for moving to Lawress Hall?

Many Professional Services teams do not have sufficient space on the Brayford Campus because their offices were converted into teaching rooms during the pandemic and must continue to be used for teaching as our student community grows.

Lawress Hall will help colleagues, teams and departments come back together on campus more regularly after the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will provide new opportunities for connection and collaboration within and between departments. It responds to new patterns of agile working where colleagues can work from home and from different on-campus locations depending on their roles, circumstances and business needs.

There will be opportunities for colleagues to continue to use touchdown spaces on the Brayford Pool campus when required.

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What is the capacity at Lawress Hall?

On the main floor there are nearly 200 desk spaces, with more than 100 alternative working locations in the form of pods, booths, collaboration tables and soft seating located on the same floor. The top floor provides a further 19 desk spaces plus booths and soft seating. Across the two floors, there are a further 11 meeting rooms with capacities ranging from six to 40 people and four conferencing rooms.

What are the benefits of this new workplace?

After two years apart, the move to Lawress Hall is not only about bringing people back together but about providing a dedicated and considered facility to enable the hybrid working approach to exist more seamlessly. Other benefits include:

– A focus on wellbeing. Set on the 200-hectare Riseholme Park estate, Lawress Hall is surrounded by nature. Staff will be able to access these external spaces.

– Wide range of workplace settings to meet user needs. Autonomy for individuals and flexibility for teams.

– Encourages/enables inter-departmental collaboration.

– Provision of social spaces and facilities – large social area, wellbeing suite, gym etc.

– Foster a forward thinking and innovative culture amongst staff.

– Be a key element in improving professional development and employee engagement.

How will we mitigate the carbon footprint of the building?

Until a few years ago, the building was in full use by HMRC. By bringing an existing building back into use through renovation, embodied carbon emissions associated with new-build construction projects (eg. in production of concrete, glass and steel) are largely avoided.

The first phase of the renovation has already made numerous improvements to environmental controls and equipment (eg. heating, ventilation, cooling) and also insulation.

There is a project underway to review the Net Zero carbon pathway for the University and in-depth study will look at further environmental measures at Lawress Hall.

What’s the timeline for the move to Lawress Hall?

The building is expected to open in early Summer.

Who will maintain the building?

The current maintenance provider Inviron will provide the majority of maintenance requirements. Any problems with the building will need to be reported through the usual Estates Support channels

Will there be a shuttle bus service to Riseholme?


Yes. The University will be providing a shuttle bus service between Brayford Campus and Riseholme Campus, due to commence on 5 June 2023.

The University will be working with a provider to run a continuous shuttle bus service between a central location at the University’s Brayford Campus and Lawress Hall.

It is anticipated that the service will run hourly, and will be free of charge for staff.

Staff can view the bus timetable and further information on the Campus Linc webpage.

The bus timetable can be reviewed to suit working patterns. Colleagues are invited to feed back via staff representative groups or line managers.

Will there be a review of start and finish times or an offer of flexible working to support additional travel?

Individual departments are strongly encouraged to look for ways to work in a more hybrid way, in line with the University wide strategy of moving to a hybrid approach. It is recognised different departments will have different operating requirements and may be able to offer varying degrees of flexibility. This will be dependent on the requirements of the department and individual job roles within the department, and in some cases individual circumstances. Further information can be found in the University Hybrid Working Guidance

Will the Senior Leadership Team be moving over there?

The Vice-Chancellor’s Office will remain in its current location at the Brayford Campus but the University will be using the facility regularly for SLT meetings and touch down working space

Will all the facilities, office space, meeting rooms, catering etc be available from day one?

All office space, catering, and 4 x meeting rooms will be available to use from 19 June, other meeting rooms will be on the booking system from 10th July, facilities are to follow due to staff recruitment taking place in June.

As there will be further work on the building post opening, does this mean there will disruption in terms of noise, vehicles and reduced parking?

There will be minor works on Level 0 once staff have moved in, but this will be minimally disruptive and isn’t expected to have a large impact on parking capacity or  building operations.

Is there parking available at Lawress Hall?

There are approximately 230 car parking spaces, including disabled parking provision and contractor service bays at the entrance, available at Lawress Hall. Staff will be able to use their car parking permits at both Brayford and Riseholme.

There is also additional parking at Riseholme in our existing car parks.

Do we need an additional parking pass/permit for Riseholme if we already have one for Brayford?

The University Parking Policy covers all 3 campuses. Visit the parking page for more details.

Do I need to update my car insurance details / approved driver status if I intend to drive to Lawress Hall?

Lawress Hall will be the normal place of work for most Professional Services staff. Travelling to work is classed as commuting under most car insurance policies. Travelling between sites during the working day is usually classed as business use, and colleagues should ensure they have business use cover on their insurance if using their own vehicle in this way. Please do check your policy terms. If using a vehicle which is not your own (such as a hire car or minibus) for University business purposes, you should register as an Authorised Driver. With this status, journeys would be covered by the University’s insurance.

Will there be electric vehicle charging points?

Yes, there will be six PodPoint EV charging points at Lawress Hall. The cost will be the same as those at the Brayford Pool Campus.

Can staff cycle to Riseholme?

Staff and students can and do already cycle to Riseholme, but we recommend taking care and avoiding the main Riseholme roundabout if possible. The university is continuing to work with West Lindsey District Council to look at improving cycle and pedestrian routes in this area.

There will be secure cycle storage on site, 4 x full size bike lockers, which can fit 2 bikes in each locker. Estates will review demand once the building is in use.


How long will the building be open for?

This is to be confirmed but building hours will reflect how teams need to use the building and approaches to agile working.

How will the offices be laid out? How will staff use them?

Lawress Hall offices will be an open plan working environment in a neighbourhood model, where staff can use any workstation but would typically be close to their nominated ‘homezone’ alongside colleagues from their team or department.

Workstations not in use should be available for others to use. No personal storage will be available at desks (eg. lockable drawers) and a clear desk policy will be in place. There will be lockers for storing personal possessions during work hours and storage for teams. There will be no maximum stay at workstations during the course of a working day.

In addition to the homezone workstations, there will be a variety of flexible spaces for staff to use throughout the day, including:

  • Enclosed Conversation Booths for private meetings (in-person or virtual) and private conversations
  • Teams Tables where teams can focus on collaborative working in an informal ‘drop-in’ environment
  • Coffee Hubs, open communal areas for refreshments, informal conversations, social activities, touchdown space for ad hoc working
  • Breakout Spaces, adjacent to homezones, will facilitate informal meetings/catch-ups for groups of different sizes as well as providing alternative work settings.

View the Homezone layout: Lawress Hall Homezones

Will the needs of colleagues with mobility impairments or hidden disabilities be considered in office lay-outs and equipment?

As part of the project, a comprehensive accessibility survey and an Equality Impact Assessment have been carried out, which has helped to inform the design. There will be a variety of different spaces available for quiet / small group working, in addition to the collaborative spaces on the main staff floorplate. There is working space on Level 1 that is accessible via the front entrance without the need of stairs or a lift. Colleagues who have concerns about working environment can raise these with line managers or via staff representative groups. Specific requirements will be managed at departmental level.



Will there be gender neutral facilities - changing rooms / toilets?

The building has the same provision that is available across the rest of the estate; disabled and gender neutral toilets. There are no changing facilities at present but this is likely to be reviewed in the next phase of building work.

Will staff be required to bring a laptop?

Staff will need to bring a University laptop with them to work at Lawress Hall. These will be provided by the University if they haven’t already been so. Work stations at Lawress Hall will be equipped with extra-wide (34-inch) curved monitors featuring a single integrated docking/charging cable station which connects to a compatible laptop via a USB-C port. View a guide on the ICT website:

Please be aware some laptop models may not have USB-C ports. If your current device is incompatible, please contact ICT.

What ICT and AV support will be available for the bookable spaces?

Meeting rooms will be on the University’s central room booking system. The AV has been designed to incorporate technology that enables remote help with technical or configuration issues, which should provide improved response times.

Will lockers be available?

There will be lockers at Lawress Hall for storing personal possessions. These will be for day use only – meaning they should be emptied at the end of the working day. There will be storage areas for work-related items.

Will there be Security on site?

At present, Security operates at Riseholme 24/7. Their central office will be relocated from Wordsworth Hall to Lawress Hall when it opens.

Will there be on campus catering?

There will be small café in the reception area with seating which will serve hot drinks and a selection of cold and heated food. The catering team are currently working up a menu and further details will be shared in due course

Will there be kitchen facilities in Lawress Hall?

There is a coffee hub in each of the Professional Services two wings. These will be equipped with two tall fridges, a dishwasher, coffee machine and separate instant boiling water provision. There will be breakfast bar style seating as well as adjacent soft seating areas to relax in. The worksurface has a lower section for wheelchair accessibility. A selection of drinking vessels will be provided, but it is anticipated that people will also bring their own. There will be no heating of food on this floor.

On level 0 (lower ground floor) there will be an area with microwaves for staff use alongside café style seating. The number of microwaves purchased initially will be four, but this can be reassessed following feedback. There will be paper towel type provision in this area. The area is adjacent doors direct to the external patio area overlooking the lake where further further seating will be available.

Will there be meeting rooms?

There will be more traditionally laid out meeting rooms available on the ground floor of the building. These will be furnished and there will be plenty available, however, there will be some rooms that are not included in the first phase of the project.

Will the residential accommodation be available to use?

Lawress Hall has 127 residential ensuite rooms at the front of the building over 3 floors, but these need refurbishment, and this is not included in the scope of the first phase of the project. The ambition is to renovate the accommodation as the building adapts to future uses.

What conferencing facilities will be available?

There will be 4 rooms that will be allocated for conferencing in Lawress Hall in the first phase. They will have easy to use AV and catering will be available. Riseholme also has conferencing facilities in the Riseholme Conference Centre.

There will be a small prep kitchen that can provide catering to the conferencing rooms. This kitchen will also prepare some of the café offer. It is expected that catering will be available for meeting rooms in the usual booked manner through FoodLinc.

Can I bring my dog to Riseholme?

We encourage dog owners to take their dogs on walks via the permissive footpaths and public bridleway only, please be advised that whilst on University property, for the safety of livestock and wildlife, dogs must be kept on leads at all times. With the exception of Guide Dogs or our working dog at the farm, dogs are not permitted in the central campus area at Riseholme or inside University buildings.

Read the guidance via the following link:  University of Lincoln – Animals on Campus Guidance

Will there be a scheduled run for post to be collected on a regular basis?

Yes there will be.

Will there be showers on site?

Showers are available in Lawress Hall adjacent to the swimming pool for staff to use. There are also showering facilities in Riseholme Hall.

Is there a library on site?

No but there will be some reading material available in the wellbeing suite.

What size is the pool?

The pool is 12.5 x 5m x 1.2m deep.

These FAQs will be updated regularly throughout the project. Got a question that’s not been answered above? Please drop an email to