Current Projects

Sustainable Labs

The University now has a number of science-based courses that involve the use of laboratory and IT equipment.  Vital equipment such as fume cupboards use a significant amount of energy (just one fume cupboard annually can use the same amount of energy as that consumed by a family home).  Cupboards can often be left operating even when there are no experiments running.  Here are some simple rules all lab users can follow:

  • Only store samples that are wanted (reduce the demand for cold storage);
  • ‘Shut the sash’ – when no one is working at a fume cupboard make sure the sash is closed fully;
  • Ensure chemicals are returned to their proper storage place and not stored in fume cupboards;
  • Switch off smaller electrical items and IT equipment when not in use.

Sustainable Food & Edible Campus

The University is committed to finding new ways to make food and all it involves more sustainable. There are a number of initiatives in place including a commitment to promote Go Green Week and Fairtrade Fortnight, as well as working with the Catering Team and the Environmental Society.

Catered Commitment

The Quad Catering team have taken measures to condense the number of suppliers they use. This means fewer delivery vans visiting the campus – reducing the carbon footprint, and a more fluid procurement process – less paper. The team have also sourced a number of Fairtrade foods as well as using a local producer for some products. For example; all eggs used are free-range. When preparing the meal the catering manager ensures that there is always a vegetarian option as well incorporating some vegan and gluten free choices during the week. Furthermore, cooking oil is recycled and turned into bio diesel!

Edible Campus

The objective of the Edible Campus project is to provide space at the Brayford Campus for students to grow their own food. A small number of heritage variety apple trees have been planted in open spaces around the Student Village to start the project. There are also raised beds to grow vegetables in, these vegetables will be used by the chaplaincy for a soup kitchen.


University branded KeepCups are available to purchase all Quad outlets on campus. These are listed below.

– Minerva Building Quad Diner and Quad Express
– AAD Building Quad Cafe
– Think Tank Café

Get 10p off any large hot drink when using your University branded KeepCup from Quad outlets.

KeepCup Weekly Facts - 2nd August-01

Water Fountains

Free tap water is available in all Quad outlets and there are water fountains available for use throughout the campus. #Takebackthetap

Ongoing Projects

Go Green Week – each year the University runs workshops, events and competitions to encourage staff and students to go green. Look out for events on our Get Involved page.

Fairtrade Fortnight – the University re-acquired Fairtrade University status in 2018. More information can be found here: