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The University of Lincoln and the University of Lincoln Students’ Union are committed to promoting Fairtrade products to students and staff.

The University of Lincoln has been recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation for its work on promoting Fairtrade products to staff and students. Over the last few years, the University has worked had to promote the issues around Fairtrade to the University.

The University has successfully met the five goals required to qualify as a Fairtrade University. The five goals are:

– Passing a Fairtrade policy statement
– Getting Fairtrade products on campus
– Using Fairtrade Products at meetings
– Organising Fairtrade campaigns
– Setting up a Fairtrade Steering Group.

» University of Lincoln Fairtrade Status Certificate

» Fairtrade Policy

Fairtrade products are made available through the University’s catering outlets, Hospitality and vending machines. In addition, the University of Lincoln branded clothing on sale in the University Shop is made from Fairtrade cotton.

There is an ongoing programme of events to promote the sale of Fairtrade products at the University. The University participates in the annual Fairtrade Fortnight and has held a variety of promotional events. Click the document below find out about past activities held for Fairtrade Fortnight at the University.

» Fairtrade Events 2014 and 2015

» Fairtrade Events 2016

» Fairtrade Events 2017

» Fairtrade Events 2018

» Fairtrade Events 2019

The University has a Fairtrade Steering Group, which meets regularly to develop events, review the Fairtrade Policy and report on the sale of Fairtrade products.

» Fairtrade Group Terms of Reference

The University is also a key member of the Lincoln Fairtrade City Group, which has achieved Fairtrade City Status for Lincoln.