FAQ – Salto

If your building is currently marked for Salto installation, you might have some questions about how it works.

What does this mean for me?
Salto locks will only be accessible using your Staff ID swipe card so it is imperative that you carry it with you at all times in
order to be able to access rooms within the building. Please check your card to ensure it has ‘NEW’ printed on the reverse.
If it does not you will need to go to the Student Support Centre for an updated card.

How do I activate my card?
Your card will need to be activated to be made live. Simply hold your card against an update point (such as a college
admin office) until it stops flashing and beeping. You will need to reactivate your card every 30 days.

What if I forget my card?
Certain staff will have superuser access and will be able to give you access. If you require
access to a room please go to the main building reception. Outside of standard working hours security can be contacted on
Ext 6062 (01522 886062). To permanently request a change to access you will need to log a request on the Estates portal

Do students have to use swipe cards?
Yes, all students will also have to use swipe cards to access the building. Teaching rooms will remain open during the building opening hours. Students will not have access to staff offices.

What if I get locked in a room?
Access only applies to entering a room everyone will be able to leave a room with or without their card.

Who else has access to my office?
Other people in your office, cleaners, maintenance contractors, security and a select number of super users.