FAQ – Salto

View our frequently asked questions regarding using your university ID cards across the estate below:

I am a new to the university, how do I get an ID card?

Prior to taking up post, your manager will have submitted a request for a new ID card, cards must be collected from the Student Service office in Minerva Building. Note: You will need to take a form of photo ID with you to collect your ID card, and cards will only be issued to you on your agreed start day.

I have just received my university ID, how do I activate it?

After collecting your ID card from Student Services, you will need to go to the security office located in Minerva building, they will activate your card. Note: You will not be able to use your card until security have activated it, and you will need to update your card every 5 days after it has been activated.

How do I update my ID card?

Cards can be updated at any Update Point, or by holding it against a main door reader. You will need to update your card every 5 days. If your card does not allow you access to your usual area(s), hold your card against an Update Point until the light flashes green. If you have any issues with the update or you still cannot access your area(s), please contact the Estates Support Desk. Below is an example image of the update point although appearance does vary depending on model.

Note: All cards on the Schneider system (e.g. PDW) are updated by Security in Minerva every 6-12 months. If you are experiencing issues with accessing these doors, please visit the Security Office in the Minerva Building and the Security team will be able to update your card.

Do I have to use my ID card?

Yes! All staff must use their ID cards to access buildings and rooms. Teaching rooms will remain open during the building opening hours, and some buildings will be on automatic during the day, however, you will still need to update your card at an Update Point.

My card has stopped working, what do I do?

Have you updated your card (held it against an Update Point until it has gone green)? If you haven’t updated your card at an Update Point, update it first and then try the door again.

If your card is still not working after updating it you will need to raise a PLANON request through the link above (click this link to log an access issue / request).

Note: If your card has been broken or damaged, you will need to take it to Student Services to be replaced (if you do need to have it replaced, please ensure you have the new card activated at the security office).

I am trying to get into a room, but my ID card will not work, what do I do?

Some areas and rooms are restricted, check with your department first to make sure you are permitted to access an area or room. If you have not been given access to an area, your department authoriser will need to raise a PLANON requesting the access be given to you.

I need additional access to a room, how do I get the access?

You will have to request additional access through your department / schools authoriser. Additional access will not be granted until authorisation has been given.

I have lost my ID card, what do I do?

You will need to go to Student Services in Minerva building with a form of photo ID, they will issue you a new card. Once you have your new card, you will need to have the new card activated at the security office in Minerva building.

I have asked security to issue me a new ID card or give me additional access, but they have said that they can’t, why?

Due to some areas being restricted and only the Student Services department being permitted to issue staff cards, security do not have the ability to grant, authorise or issue additional access, new ID cards or temporary ID cards.

If a member of staff requests additional access through security, this will be past to the respective schools Director of Ops for investigation.

I am wanting to arrange an event and need access to a building or room(s), how do I arrange access?

All events, regardless of the size, must be authorised by your schools Director of Ops or nominated person(s). Once authorised, a PLANON request with the times, dates and areas required must be submitted a minimum of 3 days prior to the event taking place.

Note: Access will only be granted to the areas requested on the PLANON, and times and dates will be set as specified. If there are any last minute changes, another PLANON will need to be submitted no later than 24hrs before the event.

The door handle to the room I have access to keeps flashing red and then opening, what does this mean?

If the door is flashing red and then opening, it means that the batteries in the handle are low. You will need to raise a PLANON request to have the batteries changed.

Note: Failure to raise a request may cause the door to stop working and the room will not be accessible until the batteries have been changed.

I have noticed that there is a door with faults, damages or is not working properly (not locking), what do I do?

Any door damages or faults must be reported immediately using the Support Desk.  

The Update Point is flashing red when I try to update my card, what does this mean?

On occasion Update Points and main door readers require firmware updates, or there may have been a power cut or work being conducted by IT. In any event, please report the Update Point or main door reader to the Access Control team using the PLANON link above with the location and it will be investigated.

Note: In the event of a power cut, works being conducted by IT or a software update your card will not update, you will need to update your card at another update point until the issue has been resolved.

What if I forget my card?

If you require access to a room, please go to the main building reception. Outside of standard working hours security can be contacted on
Ext 6062 (01522 886062).

Note: Security are not authorised to issue temporary staff cards.

What if I get locked in a room?

Access only applies to entering a room everyone will be able to leave a room with or without their card.

Who else has access to my office?

No one will have access to your personal office except security, cleaners, maintenance contractors, fire marshals and building superusers.

Note: If you suspect that there may have been an unauthorised breach of your office, including potential theft, you must advise your schools Director of Ops or nominated person, they are authorised to request an access audit investigation through PLANON.