Fairtrade Status success!

The University of Lincoln has been recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation for its work on promoting Fairtrade products to staff and students. Over the last few years the University has worked had to promote the issues around Fairtrade to the University.

The University has successfully met the five goals required to qualify as a Fairtrade University. The five goals are:

– Passing a Fairtrade policy statement
– Getting Fairtrade products on campus
– Using Fairtrade Products at meetings
– Organising Fairtrade campaigns
– Setting up a Fairtrade Steering Group.

A key part of achieving the status has been holding events to promote Fairtrade. As part of Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 the University held a wine tasting evening with Fairtrade wines from around the world. There have also been speakers from the Fairtrade Foundation and Christian Aid to talk about the difference that Fairtrade makes to farmers lives in the developing world.

A wide variety of Fairtrade products are available at the University and not just food. The “University of Lincoln” branded hoodies and sweaters that are sold in the University Shop are made from Fairtrade cotton.

The University Chaplain, Subash Chellaiah, said “The University of Lincoln is proud to have obtained Fairtrade University status. Fairtrade makes a real difference to the lives of farmers in the developing world”.

Dan Clayton, the University’s Environmental Manager, said “Fairtrade has moved from a niche product to the mainstream. Cadbury’s, Nestle and Mars all now use Fairtrade ingredients”.

The University is also playing a leading role in promoting Fairtrade around Lincoln. Staff members from the University are part of the Fairtrade Lincoln Group, which has achieved Fairtrade City status for Lincoln.

To find out more about Fairtrade at the University of Lincoln, please visit our dedicated Fairtrade page.