Access Control

To request access for spaces, please complete the form available below and return to the Estates Support Desk. You must ensure room numbers are provided where possible and that the form is signed by an authorised person e.g. Course Leader, Line Manager, School Administration Team.

» Security Access Card Request Form

The University of Lincoln is currently in the process of upgrading its Access Control System. Some buildings operate on the existing Schneider and/or PAC systems, others have been transferred to the new Salto system. We will ensure your access request is dealt with by the appropriate team.

The following buildings are equipped with Salto Access Control:

Complete Installation

  •  Charlotte Scott
  •  Sarah Swift
  •  Cygnet Wharf
  •  Isaac Newton
  •  Witham Wharf
  •  Bridge House
  •  University Library

Partial Installation

  •  Alfred Tennyson Building
  •  Minerva Building
  •  Think Tank

Support Desk Jobs:


Updating Cards:

The system is updated regularly and it is important to transfer data from the card to the system and visa versa. Cards require an update at least once every 30 days. If your card does not allow you access to your usual area(s), hold your card against an update point located in one of the above buildings until the light flashes green. If you have any issues with the update or you still cannot access your area(s), please contact the Estates Support Desk. Below is an example image of the update point although appearance does vary depending on model.

Door Opening Modes


The lock will operate by authorised swipe access only for each entry.

Automatic Open

The lock will automatically open between specified times selected by the room user or in line with building opening hours. During these hours swipe access is not required. Outside of these hours the lock will revert to Standard operation.

Timed Toggle

This mode allows users to control when their door is open or locked between certain times. Toggle operates by following the below steps;

To Unlock

1. Present authorised card to reader
2. Lock will beep and flash green
3. The lock will now be open and will remain open

To Lock

1. Present authorised card to reader
2. Lock will beep and flash red
3. The door will now be locked

This will only work during the specified time period selected by the room user e.g. 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these times the lock will revert to Standard operation. This is a security measure to ensure doors cannot be left open overnight.


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