Warp-It – the reusable success story

A simple solution to a costly problem.

Each year the university throws out thousands of items that could be reused or recycled either in-house or by other businesses and charities. They end up clogging landfills or being left to deteriorate in the far corners of the campus.

Then, in February this year Warp-It was launched across the campus. The process is simple:

  1. Upload excess/old items onto the online system
  2. University Staff or charities/businesses around the country can claim the items
  3. Items are collected by the claimant

So far this year we’ve had the following positive results:

  • £37714.97 worth of equipment donated to charities
  • Saved 20176KG of CO2 emissions
  • Stopped the felling of 27 extra trees (through the wooden items)
  • Prevented 7126KG worth of items entering UK landfills

Could you use warp-it?

The system is available to all. You can either use it to upload excess items you have or claim items from other departments. Previous items that have been made available include desks, chairs, stationary and storage units.

If you would like more information about how you can get involved, please get in touch: environment@lincoln.ac.uk or call ext. 6295.

Warp It