University Walk to Work Day

University Walk to Work Day – Tuesday May 10th 2016

As part of Living Streets #try20 the University would like to encourage all staff to try walking to work.

We’re organising a ‘walk and talk’ club to meet at various points around the city and hope you can join us.

When: Tuesday 10th  May
Meet: 7:55 am
Leave: 8:00 am
Duration: 15 – 20 minutes

Meeting Points:

  • Nosey Parker Pub, Triton Road
  • Petrol Garage, Burton Road/Yarborough Crescent Roundabout
  • Richardson’s Cars, High Street – just before Dixon Street
  • Magna Carta Pub, Cathedral District
  • Lincoln College, Monks Road (Dean’s College entrance)

Please make sure you are at the meeting point by 7:55 am to set off for 8:00am. (See maps below for exact location of meeting points.)

You will be given a ticket to claim your goodie bag from the atrium at lunch or you can arrange to fetch it from the Estates Team on the 2nd floor of the Minerva Building – email


We’re looking for two additional volunteers to lead the Petrol Garage on Burton Road meeting point, and the Lincoln College meeting point. If you would like to help please email

Benefits of Walking

  • Mindfulness & stress-relieving – you get to work in a much calmer state of mind and become more focused for the day
  • Healthier – it’s proven that walking for 20 minutes a day improves your fitness and overall health
  • Cheaper – without the extra costs of petrol/parking you can save up for more fun things! If you get rid of your car entirely you could save upwards of £800 a year!


  1. I cycle/catch the bus to work. Can I still get a goodie bag?
    A. If you cycle or take the bus, you can still head to a meeting point for the given time and then walk the rest of the way in with the group.
  2. I live too far away to walk or cycle, how can I get involved?
    A. There are side streets with free parking along Burton Road and in Boultham Park area. You can park there and then join a meeting point and walk in.
  3. I start work earlier/later than the given time, can I still take part?
    A. Absolutely! And to prove you’ve walked in, we just ask you take a pic of your walk to work.