Switch off this Christmas – reduce our carbon consumption

A reminder for all staff and students to switch off all electrical items before they head home for the Christmas holidays.

By switching off every computer, monitor, printer, charger, kettle and microwave when they’re not in use, you can help the university save thousands every year. You’ll also be helping us to reach our 43% reduction of CO2e emissions target by 2020.

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Last year we saved 30,000kWh – enough to heat David Chiddick Building for TWO months!

Christmas is also the perfect time to defrost your fridge – print off the poster below to stick on your fridge to warn people that it will be happening.

Do you work in one of the many labs around campus? If so, you can take further steps to help us reduce our energy consumption closing the fume cupboards fully and condensing samples to one unit.

Download your checklists here:

Any questions, comments, suggestions please email the environment team on environment@lincoln.ac.uk