Sustainable Campus – Getting to know the University Estate and its sustainability credentials

#SustainabilityAtLincoln Webinar Series
Join us for the first in a series of online events organised by the Environment team on sustainability at the university and beyond.

On Tuesday 5th May, from 15:00 – 16:00, the University of Lincoln’s Sustainability Manager, Rebecca Forster, will give an overview of sustainability at the university and how we embed environmental management within campus operations. Topics will include waste and recycling, energy use, building design, and land management.

Rebecca will speak for twenty minutes, then offer the opportunity for staff and students to ask questions or start a related discussion.

This webinar will be facilitated on Microsoft Teams, to book your place, please email

Guest speakers for future events include; Jo Wilkinson from Hedgehog Friendly Campus and Ryan Lovett from Clean Lincoln Everywhere And Now. Details to be confirmed soon!