Aigerim Kuanysh – Fairtrade Officer and Environmental Volunteer

Over the last two years that I have spent in the University of Lincoln, I have been working closely with Tracey Turton – Energy and Environment Officer. We have managed to accomplish a number of truly effective projects.

The first time I got involved with the Environment team was when I transferred to work for Lincoln International Business School in the International Student Support and Partnership Office, from my post of Vice President International in the SU. This was a challenging part of my sabbatical year out, however working on new projects, with new people from different university departments kept me excited.

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It was a really great opportunity to be part of the very first International Festival in the University of Lincoln – which include Global Month and Fairtrade Fortnight and was a huge success. Global Month and Fairtrade Fortnight were held at the same time, which I found very helpful due to increased promotion of the two major projects and we could combine the students involved to help in with both projects. I also found it very amusing that a little bit of effort to use social media as a platform for marketing, significantly helped to increase the outreach of the student population to the events we held within Global Month and Fairtrade Fortnight.

Another quite significant project we were working on was the Peace Garden, which really sparked my interest in gardening and as a result I ended up with many plants in my student house.

I won’t go into much detail of each of the projects I have been part of while working with Environment department, but I have gained a number of impeccable skills and increased my knowledge in this area. I have certainly improved my research skills, communication, marketing and I have developed as a person – maturity is the most important quality that improved after working with highly professional and supportive people, such as Tracey, Judy Turner, Subash and of course my fellow colleagues from Business School.

Hopefully, everyone I have worked with found me helpful and resourceful. I believe I have contributed my own student perspective into the projects, which has helped to increase online promotion and attract more students to participate in activities and volunteering.

I am deeply saddened that my time in the University of Lincoln as a student and a Fairtrade Officer is coming to an end, but I hope somebody as passionate as I am will take my place and carry on with my legacy.


Aigerim Kuanysh – International Student, Fairtrade Officer, Volunteer