Find your room

Welcome (back) to campus, new and returning students and staff!

We know it can be tricky finding rooms in your first couple of weeks, so here’s a quick guide you can bookmark on your phone / laptop. You might also like to download our campus map for reference.Campus Map August 2015

Top tip: if you haven’t been to a room before, we strongly recommend you locate it a day or two in advance, to avoid stress.

Finding the right building

Our room numbers look like this:

  • AAD 1W25
  • ENG 207
  • MB 2606

The key thing to remember is that there are two parts to each room number:

  • The building code (2-3 letters, for example, MB for the Minerva Building)
  • The room code (3-4 characters, for example, 2606)

Here’s a guide to all of the building codes.

Building Code Building Name
AAD Art, Architecture & Design
BH Bridge House
BL David Chiddick (Business & Law)
CSB Charlotte Scott Building
ENG Engineering Hub
HP Human Performance Centre
JBL Joseph Banks Laboratories
JUN Junxion
MB Minerva Building (was Main Admin Building)
MC Media, Humanities & Technology
MIH Minster House
OCW One Campus Way
SB Science Building
THT Think Tank
UL University Library
VH Village Hall
WH Witham House

Finding the right room

Once you have found the right building, follow the directional signs to your room.

Please note: the first digit of the room code is always the floor number. 0 for ground floor, 1 for the first floor, and so on. For example: MB 2606 is on the second floor of the Main Admin Building.

You’ll find signs at the key decision points within the building and adjacent to stairs and lifts.

Again, it’s a great idea to locate your rooms a day or so in advance until you get your bearings. Feel free to ask any member of staff for help, and let us know how you get on.

If you find this guide helpful, or if you have any difficulty finding your rooms, please let us know by leaving a comment below or email the Space Management team at