Renamed Buildings on Brayford Campus

As previously communicated, four buildings on the Brayford Campus have been renamed. Over this summer, new external and internal signage was installed for all these buildings.

The Alfred Tennyson Building (ATB) – formerly the MHT Building

The Media, Humanities and Technology building has been renamed after Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892), the Lincolnshire born poet.  The most significant collection of his work, The Tennyson Research Centre Collection, is housed in Lincolnshire Archives.

The Nicola de la Haye Building (NDH) – formerly AAD West

AAD West, has been named after Nicola de la Haye, who was dubbed “Sheriff of Lincolnshire” by King John in 1216 after her critical role protecting the city during the First Barons’ War. She inherited the position of Constable of Lincoln Castle from her father Richard de la Haye, who was minor Lincolnshire Lord.

The Peter de Wint Building (PDW) – formerly AAD East

AAD East has been named after Peter de Wint (1784 – 1849), a watercolour painter, known best for romantic depictions of landscapes.

The Usher Gallery, Lincoln, houses the largest collection of works by Peter de Wint in the country.

The Janet Lane-Claypon Building (JLC) – formerly the Science Centre

The Science Centre has been renamed after Dr. Janet Elizabeth Lane-Claypon (1877-1967), an English physician who is considered as one of the founders of epidemiology. She was born in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Updated floor plans can be found here.

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