Keep Cups – New term, new colours!

Have you spotted the new KeepCup colours? Passionate purple, bold blue, wistful watermelon and terrific teal!


At £5.95 each they’re an absolute bargain – you get your first 12oz hot drink free and then each subsequent 12oz drink is 10p off! I’ve worked out the maths for you – if you drink 5 hot drinks a week from any Quad outlet and combine it with the initial first free drink, within two months the 10p’s add up to have paid for the cup itself.

Last term we sold over 300 KeepCups from Quad outlets, helping decrease the number of coffee cups heading to landfills! This year we aim to smash that total.

Keepstats small

Did you know that almost all coffee cups are not recyclable? Read more here:

The UK gets through 10,000 coffee cups in just two minutes!

It would be fantastic to eliminate staff and students at the University of Lincoln from this stat!