Interim Medical School

Works included the reconfiguration of rooms on the 1st floor to create the interim Anatomy Prosection suite for the Lincoln Medical School. A new air handling unit was installed dedicated to the Anatomy suite, as well as a new partition wall in INB1303 and the formation of a doorway from INB1302 into INB1303 for the Anatomy Store. The room was converted into a wet lab with vinyl flooring, handwash sinks, lab sinks and dissection tables.

As part of the works to create the interim Anatomy Prosection suite, 2 additional rooms were reconfigured for the School of Computer Science. In INB1101, we increased the power and data capacity to turn this into a 28 workstation computer lab. In INB1304, we installed a curtain track, AV screen and additional power and data to turned into the Digital Virtual Reality Lab.

The Anatomy Suite

Project Status:


3rd June 2019 – 31st July 2019

Project team:

Project Manager

Shradha Mishra