Green Gown Awards 2016

The University of Lincoln has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Green Gown Awards 2016 under the category of Carbon Reduction.

The University has been shortlisted for this category because we have achieved a 63% reduction in carbon emissions by consolidating the College of Arts into a new development on the Brayford Pool campus. This involved vacating the Cathedral Campus and introducing a space charging policy for space use across the campus.

£11million was spent on a new development to extend the Art, Architecture and Design Building on campus along with providing a link between the buildings which provides a valuable exhibition space.

The new development reduced the total space occupied by the University by 45.2%.

This links to our other activities to reduce carbon emissions at the University by 43% by 2020. More information about this target is available in our Carbon Management plan.

You can find out more about these activities by visiting the pages below:

» Sustainability Projects