Campus opening hours over the festive period

The University will be consolidating the number of open buildings across the Estate over the festive period.

Buildings remaining open

The University Library will remain open with regular hours over the festive period from midday to 7pm. Library Opening Times(opens in a new tab)

The Isaac Newton Building will also remain open with access available for staff and students. In addition to these buildings there are a number of specialist facilities where limited access has been agreed directly with departments.

The GP Surgery will also remain open, hours are available on their website: University of Lincoln Health Service   

Buildings with limited access

From 19th December to 4th January staff or students who need to use other university facilities must have permission from their Head of Department or PVC/College Director of Operations. To ensure that they can access the required building safely, access must be requested through University Security over 48 hours in advance. in a new tab)              01522 886062

In these buildings the heating will be turned down, there will be no hot water available and toilets cannot be used.  All building users must follow the access procedure here: Building Access Procedure(opens in a new tab)

On  Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Day all academic buildings will be closed.

For information on student services available over the festive period, please visit: Student Services

Any University tenants have been communicated with separately.

By managing the number of individuals and prearranging access, we hope to maintain a safe and secure campus. We also predict that this will save the University a significant amount of energy and carbon emissions.

If you have any queries, please contact the Estates Support Desk on 01522 886777 or by emailing in a new tab) before 4pm on Friday 18th December. Any Estates queries after this date can be directed to Security.

Essential maintenance over the festive period

Essential power outages have been scheduled during this period in order to minimise disruption to University operations. On 22nd December, there will be a short outage to the gas supply on the South Side of Campus; affecting LPAC, Nicola de la Haye, Peter de Wint, Isaac Newton and GCW Library and the Engine Shed. Buildings should not be significantly affected as they will be heated up to temperature beforehand.

On 22nd December, there will also be an electricity outage managed by Western Power at the main Riseholme Campus. All affected parties have been communicated with separately.