Changes to electric vehicle chargers on the Brayford Campus 

All four of the Pod Point electric vehicle (EV) chargers at the Brayford Campus have now been repaired following ongoing issues. These are available for staff, students and, during weekends and evenings, for members of the public, at the following locations: 

  • Janet Lane-Claypon Building 
  • Sports Centre 
  • Alfred Tennyson Building
  • Charlotte Scott car park 

There are a further four double chargers located at Valentine Court, which are available for students and staff to use. 


The price structure for charging vehicles has been changed from a flat rate charge of £2.50, to a charge of £0.25 per kWh. 

Those using the EV chargers do also need to pay for parking, or display a valid permit in their vehicle. 


Please note that the charging points at Charlotte Scott, Janet Lane-Claypon and Sports Centre are 3.5kW, so are designed to provide a slow trickle charge, or smaller top-up charges and are not suitable for rapid charging. The charging points at the Alfred Tennyson Building and those at Valentine Court are 7kW each.

Connecting to chargers: 

You will find instructions displayed on the front of the Pod Point units. To enable charging, users must download and register on the Pod Point app prior to use. 

If you experience any problems with the charging points, please contact the Estates Support Desk via 0152288 6777 or