Earth Day 2021 Challenge

Image of a drawn earth.
This #EarthDay2021, we’re asking you to take part in our Earth Day Challenge! Let us know which activities you manage to tick off.
As your sustainability team, we’re proud to work on a variety of projects that you can get involved in too!
For instance, did you know:
  • We are a Silver accredited Hedgehog Friendly Campus; staff and students can get involved in helping raise awareness of the plight of hedgehogs in Lincoln and making our campus safe for our prickly pals. As part of this campaign, there are also several areas of campus that have been “rewilded” and left for birds, bees and hedgehogs to enjoy.
  •  There are 3 gardening projects on the Brayford Campus! We meet weekly to look after the Kitchen Garden and Urban Bee Roof Garden. The Chaplaincy are also looking to revitalise the Herb Garden.
  • We have partnered with Clean Lincoln Everywhere And Now to bring a community CLEAN Hub to the Brayford Campus, where you can book out litter picking equipment for free! Visit our website for more information: Clean Hub
  • We have new picnic benches across campus for you to enjoy. Some of them even have planters at each end, which we’ve planted with pollinator-friendly plants.
  • The Brayford Campus is also home to an Observation Hive of Honeybees, found next to the Charlotte Scott Building Balancing Ponds. We will be running “Meet the Bees” events this Summer, where you can view the honeybees and ask all the questions you’d like about them. A digital exhibition about the Brayford Bees can be found here: Bringing out the Bees
  • The Lincoln Medical School, which opened this Spring, is our most sustainable building yet. It includes a living wall (made up of 15 different varieties of plants), solar panels on the side and roof of the building, and the surrounding landscape will be seeded with grass and wildflowers.
  • Finally, if you like wildflowers and learning about them, join the informal Wildflower identification sessions on the first Friday of each month at 11am! Email for an invite.
Image of a challenge for Earth day