Delph Pond Maintenance – Internal Drainage Board

If you’re on the Brayford Campus, you might have seen the present works to the Delph Pond. The Upper Witham Internal Drainage Board (IDB) is currently on site undertaking vegetation clearance works at the Delph Pond, adjacent to the Isaac Newton Building and the dyke adjacent to the Sports Centre.
The Pond and adjoining drainage channels are owned and operated by the Internal Drainage Board and are maintained as vital flood defence structures for the City of Lincoln.
To ensure these engineering structures are able to effectively respond to a flooding event, the Internal Drainage Board ensures that the drainage channels and ponds are free-flowing and clear of weeds and silt on a regular basis. This involves cutting back vegetation to allow vehicle access, then the use of a tractor using dredging machinery.
The Estates department is working with the IDB to minimise any disruption to campus. If you have any questions about the works, please get in touch with