Brayford Campus – Essential Lift Maintenance

On Wednesday 27th January, contractors will be on the Brayford campus to complete outstanding repair works on lifts. These works may extend into Thursday 28th January. Buildings impacted...

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Brayford Campus – Lift Servicing

We currently have contractors on site servicing lifts across the Brayford Campus. From Monday 11th January, lifts will be serviced in the following buildings: Date Buildings Monday 11th...

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Upcoming planned works

Throughout July, the following planned works will be taking place across the University estate: Planned Works Buildings Date Staircase modifications are taking place to increase safety in two...

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World Environment Day 2020

Today, Friday 5th June, marks World Environment Day; a day for collective environmental action. This year, more than ever, it aims to spark an online conversation about environmental...

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C.L.E.A.N. – The impact of plastic pollution in Lincoln (Webinar)

“C.L.E.A.N. – The impact of plastic pollution in Lincoln and how you can use our free scheme to help” Ryan Lovett, from Clean Lincoln Everywhere And Now, will...

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Online Hedgehog Surveying Workshop

Want to find out if you’ve got hedgehogs at home? We’re looking for volunteers to help survey in Lincoln for hedgehogs in their gardens and need your help!

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