Carbon Conversations 2016

Carbon Conversations is a programme of 6 one hour meetings accompanied by a variety of at home activities, and reading.  During these meetings we’ll explore the fears people have about climate change and how we can move from fear into positive action.

The group will explore practical solutions for improving your home, health, and general wellbeing and how these actions can reduce our carbon emissions.  The conversations will give you an opportunity to share your thoughts, hopes, fears, and ideas around living a sustainable life in a complex, modern society.

Before the programme commences we will contact you to assess your current carbon footprint (this will remain confidential).  As we explore where emissions savings can be made you can track how they will affect your footprint.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand why reducing carbon emissions is important;
  • Identify which area of your life produces the greatest amount of emissions;
  • Identify what steps you can take to reduce your emissions;
  • Understand why some everyday decisions are more beneficial for the environment and your wellbeing than others.

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