Battery collection bins

The University of Lincoln now has a range of locations around the Brayford Campus where portable batteries can be collected for recycling.

What do we mean by “portable batteries”? – In terms of batteries that the University can send for recycling we mean household batteries – i.e. AA, AAA, C, D, 6V, 9.5V and button cells from watches and calculators,

There are main battery collection points in the following locations:

  • MHT Entrance Lobby
  • University Library Entrance Lobby
  • Minerva Building Security Office

In addition, there are battery collection side pods on recycling bins in the following locations:

  • Minerva Building: Atrium
  • Joseph Banks Laboratories – JBL0C59 (Corridor to the Ground Floor Social Learning Space)
  • Junxion Seminar Rooms – Entrance Lobby
  • AAD West – Quad Express Area
  • David Chiddick Building

To find out more about battery recycling at the University, please visit our recycling page.