EcoCampus Gold for Environmental Management

The University of Lincoln has been awarded Gold by EcoCampus for their work in driving more sustainable environmental management practices across their estate. The University declared a climate emergency in May and made a commitment to work pro-actively towards reducing carbon emissions that contribute towards global heating. So far the University has reduced carbon emissions […]

April Sustainability Round Up

  We’re more than halfway through our Sustainability Campaign Calendar! In April we focussed on biodiversity, linking out to some books on the subject at the University of Lincoln Library. We also welcomed goslings onto the campus for the first time this year. We spent some time promoting the Kitchen Garden and what’s growing. We […]

March Sustainability Round Up

The theme for March on our Sustainability Campaign Calendar was “Community Collaboration”. We encouraged our followers on Twitter to get in touch if they had a sustainable project or were running a sustainable business and in the future, we would like to profile sustainable projects around the city. It was also the last week of Fairtrade […]

Earth Hour at the University of Lincoln

The University received a passionate letter from Year 6 students at Westgate School imploring us to take part in Earth Hour on Saturday 30th March and help them to protect and preserve the world for their future.  Earth Hour is the biggest environmental grassroots movement in the world.

Bees: Not Simply Pollinators

Honeybees are vital pollinators and their decline has been documented thoroughly across the news in recent years. Our Brayford Campus is now home to an observation hive, installed here as part of a research project looking into insect cognition. We spoke with Elisa Frasnelli, Lecturer in Life Sciences at the University of Lincoln, about the bees and why we […]