Infrastructure and Landscaping


As part of the Campus Masterplan, a Landscaping Masterplan was created in 2013. The Landscaping Masterplan included three phases of development of the Brayford Pool Campus.

» Landscaping Masterplan 2013

Landscaping Masterplan 2013

The image below outlines the scope of works as part of Phase 1 of the Landscaping Masterplan.

Landscaping Phase 1

As part of the continued development of the campus, the Landscaping Masterplan is being refreshed. This refresh is linked to the major capital projects, which all include an element of landscaping.


We are upgrading essential infrastructure of the campus. The upgrades and refurbishments will include:

  • Adding high voltage electrical supply
  • New gas mains
  • New fibre optic cables
  • New water pipes
  • Upgrades to roads and paths

Infrastructure upgrades are also carried out as part of the major capital projects.