Policies and Procedures


Policy Description
Biodiversity This policy covers the commitment to monitor and protect biodiversity on campus.
Cleaning This specification highlights the cleaning specification adhered to by our service providers.
Carbon Management This plan highlights the strategy to achieve the University’s carbon emissions targets.
CCTV Policy This policy deals with CCTV across the estate.
Energy This policy deals with the consumption of utilities across the University estate.
Environmental The Environmental Policy was developed to promote environmental awareness across the University. Further information can also be found on our dedicated webpage: Environmental Policy
Estates Student Privacy Notice This notice deals with data and information collection and how it is used in Estates.
Health & Safety Policy This policy covers health and safety within the Estates department.
Parking This policy covers the parking regulations across the University.
Space Regulatory System Policy The Space Charging Policy supports the Space Management Policy.
Space Management This policy supports the efficiency, effective and equitable use of University space.
Sustainable Transport This note is designed to encourage sustainable use of transport across the University.
Thermal Comfort Policy This policy deals with thermal comfort in non-residential buildings across the estate.

Operational Procedures

All Operational Procedures will be reviewed annually by the Estates Compliance Team.  The last review date is shown in each Estates Service Procedure.

Procedure Description
ESP 01 General Access for Non-Hazardous Works and Authority to Draw Keys
ESP 02 Contractors Selection
ESP 03 Contractors Inductions Authorisation
ESP 04 Contractors KPI Data Collection
ESP 05 Site Induction Pack
ESP 06  Contractor Management/Handover of Site
ESP 07 Construction Design and Management
ESP 08 Asbestos Management
ESP 09 Support Desk Services
ESP 10 Site Audit Procedure
ESP 10a Site Audit Blank Form
ESP 11 Internal Maintenance and Projects Audits
ESP 15 Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems
ESP 16 Confined Spaces
ESP 17 Hot Works
ESP 18 Working on Fire Alarm Systems
ESP 19 Permit to Dig
ESP 20 Working Safely with Equipment
ESP 21 Permit to Work
ESP 22 Working safely with electricity
ESP 23 Identifying Authorising Persons for Permits to Work
ESP 26 Working at Height
ESP 27 Local Exhaust Ventilation – Procurement, Installation, Servicing, Fumigation
ESP 29 Working Safely with Electricity – Sports Centre
ESP 30 Working Safely on HV Electrical Distribution Networks
ESP 31 Maintenance of Fire Safety within Buildings
ESP 32 Maintaining DDA Compliance
ESP 34 Storage Procedure
ESP 35  Guidance on Installation Maintenance and Safe Use of Pressure Equipment
ESP 40 Space Change Procedure
ESP 41 Statutory Testing and Maintenance of Lifts
ESP 43 Statutory Testing of Fire Extinguishers
ESP 44 Statutory Testing of Mansafe Systems
ESP 48 Statutory Portable Appliance Testing
ESP 63 Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Doors