Reactive Maintenance

Definition: Reactive maintenance (also known as “breakdown maintenance”) are repairs that are done when equipment has already broken down. Reactive maintenance focuses on restoring the equipment to its normal operating condition.

At the University, reactive maintenance is undertaken in response to breakdown or to reports from the students, staff, or other users of the University. The implications of failure range from loss of facility to consequential damage of buildings and equipment. In some circumstances, the failure could be detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the users of the University.

The first point of contact for reactive maintenance in academic buildings is the Estates Support Desk.

The support desk will assign the request to one of our service providers, Imtech Inviron for maintenance, SPS for security, porterage and cleaning and Hubren for building fabric maintenance.

Once the job has been assigned, a priority level will be set. You can find out about our priority levels on the service level agreement page.


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