Building Champions

Building champions are here to help you receive the best possible service from Estates & Campus Services.

All buildings have a building champion who acts as a point of contact for all building users, in addition to the Estates Support Desk. Any issue can be escalated to your designated champion. They will deal with anything from cleaning to maintenance, porterage and security.


Building Building Champion
Alfred Tennyson Building Paul Metcalf
Brayford Substations Phil Lawson
Brayford Bridges Steve Holt
Brayford Residences Mark Skinner
Bridge House Mark Skinner
Charlotte Scott Steve Holt
David Chiddick Kim Watts
Isaac Newton Phil Lawson
Enterprise North Steve Holt
Enterprise South Steve Holt
Gas Intakes Simon Crampton
Holbeach Campus Mark Skinner
Janet Lane Claypon Simon Crampton
Joseph Banks Laboratories Simon Crampton
Junxion Kim Watts
LPAC Steve Holt
Minerva Building Paul Metcalf
Minster House Simon Crampton
Nicola de la Haye Mark Skinner
One Campus Way Mark Skinner
Peter de Wint Mark Skinner
Sarah Swift Kim Watts
Sports Centre and HPC Steve Holt
Stephen Langton Paul Metcalf
Students’ Union Kim Watts
Student Wellbeing Centre Paul Metcalf
Think Tank Steve Holt
University Library Steve Holt
Village Hall Mark Skinner
Witham House Steve Holt
Witham Wharf Kim Watts