Post Room

Changes to University of Lincoln Internal Mail Service (COVID-19)

The University of Lincoln operates an internal mail service to ensure that mail received at the University post room is distributed throughout the University in a secure, efficient manner and that outgoing mail is collected and dispatched in the same way.

To ensure the postal service operates in an efficient manner and to minimise unnecessary delay in mail reaching intended recipients, staff are reminded that:

  • The service is provided for the purpose of receiving, distributing and dispatching official University mail only. Personal mail should not to be  addressed to the University.
  • Correspondents and couriers are to be provided with the full address and contact details of the intended recipient, including the name of the  building the mail is to be delivered to.
  • They should make arrangements to have large parcels delivered direct to their respective building by the courier to avoid delay.

Access to the Post Room – Minerva Building

Access to the University post room is strictly limited to postal staff only. Mail will be delivered to and collected from colleges and professional services departments in accordance with the delivery/collection schedule.

Under exceptional circumstances, controlled access to the post room for wider University staff may be approved with prior arrangement by contacting the post room at

Delivery/Collection locations

Brayford Campus

With exception of Minerva Building, Brayford campus mail will be delivered and collected in postal crates at a single delivery/collection point in each building within the timeframe specified in the delivery/collection schedule.

Riseholme Campus

Mail for Riseholme Campus will be delivered to and collected from the Riseholme Security Reception in Wordsworth House. Deliveries and collections will be coordinated between the postal services team and Riseholme Security and a daily delivery and collection will be made if required.

Holbeach Campus

Delivery and collection of Holbeach Campus mail may be arranged by contacting the postal services team via or by calling 01522 886171.

Further Information

Mail will not be sorted by postal staff at the delivery/collection points and colleges and professional services departments are requested to ensure that all outgoing mail is placed in the outgoing mail crate prior to the arrival of the postal courier. Colleges and professional services departments will be responsible for ensuring the security of their mail from the point of delivery (for incoming mail) and up to the point of collection (for outgoing mail).

Mail requiring a signature will be placed on the top of the incoming mail crate along with the mail register to enable the mail to be easily identified and signed for by receiving staff. After mail has been signed for, the mail register is to be placed in the outgoing mail crate and the recipient takes over responsibility for the security of the mail received.

Recipients of parcels that are too large for the University postal courier to deliver will be contacted and advised to place a request for porterage services via the Estates Support Desk to have the parcel delivered.

Further information regarding University postal services may be obtained by contacting the postal services team via or by calling 01522 886171.