Brayford Campus Lift Maintenance – 5 Year CPSI Periodic Safety Inspections

From Monday 10th May, contractors, Schindlers, will be onsite to carry out 5 yearly periodic safety inspections on lifts. These are essential compliance works. Depending on the type of lift, the inspections can take anything from 1 ½ hours to 3 hours, however, if the lift is required the inspection can be interrupted to allow its use when there is only one lift in the building, or in the event of an emergency.


The following buildings will be inspected:


Lincoln Performing Arts Centre including the pit lifts  – 10th May

Students Union  – 10th May


Student Wellbeing Centre  –  11th May

Minster House   – 11th May


Sports Centre  – 12th May

David Chiddick Building   –  12th May


Isaac Newton Building   – 13th May

Joseph Banks Laboratories  – 13th May


Sarah Swift Building – 14th May

Charlotte Scott Building – 14th May


Peter de Wint Building – 17th May

Village Hall – 17th May


Minerva Building – 18th May

Alfred Tennyson Building – 18th May


Janet Lane-Claypon – 19th May

Nicola de la Haye Building – 19th May


Bridge House – 20th May

Arts Bridge – 20th May


Enterprise – 21st May

Think Tank  – 21st May



Viking House Blocks A & C  – 24th May


Further communications will be sent out to all building users this week. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works. If you require any further information, please contact the estates support desk at