Room Controls

Here you will find information on how to operate heating, cooling and lighting controls across the campus.

Coolphase Ventilation System:

This system is installed within the 2nd floor of the Minerva Building. The link below shows the various controls available within the room and how to use them.

» Coolphase Guide Sheet

Lighting Controls:

Across the campus, we have lighting installed which is dimmable within the room. To use the dimmable setting:

– Press the light switch once to turn the lights on
– Press and hold the light switch to dim the lights until you are happy with the light levels
– Press and hold the light switch to brighten the light level until you are happy
– Press the light switch once to turn the lights off

Mitsubishi Heating / Air-conditioning Controls:

Mitsubishi units are installed in various buildings across the campus including the Sarah Swift Building, Isaac Newton Building and Charlotte Scott Building. We are currently working on a more comprehensive guide for this system. Please see below on a quick guide to the controls available to you within your room.

– Users will have access to amend the fan speed within the room. This can be done by pressing the arrow on the right of the control panel which expands the menu. Here you can also change the fan direction.

– Temperature controls are locked within two temperatures. In line with the University Thermal Comfort Policy, the controls are locked to heat to 21 Degrees Celsius and cool to 24 Degrees Celsius.