Congratulations to our Go Green Week Competition Winners

We had some fantastic entries and hope to be able to implement some of the ideas in the future.

1st Place – sell University of Lincoln branded water bottles on campus to reduce single use plastic

A student suggested that we sell university branded water bottles to enable students to drink the free water and reduce single use plastic consumption.

Keep your eyes peeled for the branded water bottles we plan to give away when we launch the new water fountains on campus. They’re made from 57% recycled plastic!


2nd Place – reduce the amount of promotional flyers on campus

It was brought to our attention that there are a lot of flyers given out by nightclub promoters in and around campus. This was also highlighted as a SUggestion and the SU have already committed to stop giving flyers out at the end of Quack Night – this will be reviewed for its impact.


3rd Place – feed the birds to increase wild life on campus!

In an aid to increase wildlife on campus, it was suggested that we provide bird feeders around campus to aid the wildlife in finding food throughout the year. We are looking to host an up-cycling workshop, with students, to make bird feeders to put up in their gardens and around campus.


The winners have been contacted!

If you would like to see the videos sent in, please email